How To

See Larger Images

The current web builder does not support direct zoom in feature on images. But, fortunately, there is a solution.

1. Click on an image in gallery that you want to see. This will make the image pop up on the screen.

2. Right Click on the image.

3. To see a larger image, 

if using Chrome browser: click on 'open image in new tab';

If using Firefox browser: Ctrl+click on 'view image'; (The Ctrl helps to open the image in new tab. Simple click will open the image on the same tab you are currently in; thus, you have to go back to previous pages for other images which I personally find annoying.)

if using Edge browser: help yourself;

if using Safari browser: probably no one can help you.

4.  And voila, In Chrome and Firefox, a new tab will show that image with zoom in feature. 

Of course, in phone, you can pinch zoom. If using Chrome in phone, same steps as above can also be followed. If using Firefox in phone, same steps except the 'Ctrl' command can be followed).